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Smart Dog Nail Trimmer

No more expensive groomer trips

Say goodbye to the never-ending struggle of maintaining your dogs nails.

This Smart Trimmer does the job Smoothly and with almost no effort at all!

You will never go back to your local pet groomer again. Unlike ordinary clippers, this is proven to be a safer way to groom your dog.


To keep this Amazing Trimmer in your belongings is to Save both Time and Money!

This $40 investment will Save You $300 from making unnecessary trips to the groomer.

So not only will it help your dog with healthy nails,

but it will also Free Up Your Time and Help Your Wallet in the process!


Suitable for All Dogs

No matter if it's a husky, puddle, bulldog or chihuahua, the Smart Trimmer has all sizes covered.
Choose a port that fits and you're ready to go!



With the Smart Design that was considered when being created, this device is so Simple To Use, that even your grandparents with no knowledge of technology would be able to groom their dog in seconds!

You will never have to worry when it's time to take care of those growing nails again!


How To Use It





Make your dog familiar with the Nail Trimmer first

Let him/her take a sniff and listen to the low sound to feel comfortable with the device.


Choose the correct port and start trimming

Insert the nail carefully in to the port and trim each nail for about 5 seconds.



Reward your dog and clean the trimmer

Always include a treat during and after the nail trimming session.

This will make your pet associate the device with a Pleasant Reward.

Afterwards make sure to clean the Trimmer with a cloth to remove the leftovers from the nails.



Why Use The Smart Dog Nail Trimmer?


  • Save Time and Money every year - No more trips to the groomer.

  • Easy Trimming - Smart design makes nail trimming Easy and Effortless.

  • Avoid inflammation.

  • Avoid dirt accumulation.

  • 100% Safe – Equipped with a Protective Sleeve to prevent nasty bleeding.